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Press Release

17 Aug, 2021

‘A New Way to Experience Aesthetic Treatments.’ Introducing Ascens:on®. The Dorset-based clinic where Every. Body. is Welcome.

  • A vibrant new aesthetic treatment clinic with a new perspective on the industry.
  • First clinic doors opened on May 4th 2021 in the leafy village of Verwood, Dorset.
  • The business specialises in catering to clients who may currently feel undeserved or underrepresented.

Dorset, 20th July 2021 — Every now and then, something comes along that makes us question why we ever did things the way we did before. 2020 was a year full of these revelations for many, including the founders of Ascens:on®, a vibrant new aesthetic treatment clinic with a new perspective on the industry.

On a mission to give every person the confidence to feel beautiful in their own skin, Ascens:on’s values are more than just skin deep. Offering a wide variety of professional treatments - including laser hair removal, chemical peels and electrolysis – Ascens:on® welcomes clients from all walks of life through a deep-rooted understanding of underrepresented groups, including men and members of the LBGTQ+ community.

The story began in 2020, when founders Becks and Natasha met (in a clinic no less!) and they immediately
realised the powerful changes they could make to the world of aesthetic treatment. With Natasha’s years of professional clinical experience and Becks’ commercial business expertise, combined with their fierce passion for creating incredible client and customer experiences – Ascens:on® was born. An inclusive, professional and friendly company, that aims to create the client’s ‘journey of becoming’ a positive and celebratory experience.


Becks Beere, Co-Founder CVO says:

“Business for me is always deeply personal. Building something I believe in is the drive and DNA to what makes it from an idea to reality. Creating an inclusive clinic that caters wider is a privilege. Doing it in partnership with a

passionate practitioner - to give her the opportunity to realise her dreams - feels purposeful. We get one life, live it well... and leave the world kinder, and more beautiful.”


Natasha Harper, Co-Founder and Practitioner says:

“I have always had a passion to help and nurture individuals to become their authentic self. With this opportunity I can do just that! We are offering inclusive, professional and friendly treatments, to allow our clients to feel and look their best. No matter who you are, we want to be a safe space for you to grow. We want to spread the message of love and acceptance. Ascension all round.”

With the first clinic doors opening on May 4th 2021 in the leafy village of Verwood, Dorset, this is just the beginning. The company vision is to ‘create a world where everyone feels safe and confident in their own skin without stigma or embarrassment.’, and they won’t stop until every person who wants to make a change has the confidence to do so.

The mantra ‘Every. Body. Welcome’ is evident throughout every detail at Ascens:on®. It’s part of the company’s core values, and they’re determined to create a world where everybody can have the confidence to feel beautiful in their own skin, with no stigma or judgement.

It’s an exciting time for the world of beauty and wellbeing. Join the already fiercely loyal following and see how Ascens:on® can help you ascend to your authentic self today.

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