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Laser Hair Removal

Fed up with excess hair maintenance routines?

Shaving, plucking and waxing regularly can be a laborious task. So, if you’re tired of checking for rogue hairs and wanting to move to a more permanent way of maintaining hair – Laser Hair Removal could be a great solution for you. Effective and fast, it’s also the best treatment for those suffering with ingrown hairs and other excess hair that is persistent or difficult to manage.


Using only the best, top of the range equipment.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Candela® laser hair removal targets the follicle within the hair, using the pigment within the hair to travel up into the bulb and disrupt its growth. There are three phases of hair growth; anagen, catagen and telogen, with the hair only treatable in the phase called anagen (meaning active). This treatment is FDA approved to give up to a 90% permanent reduction in hair growth and unlike IPL, is directed to the hair only meaning it is suitable for all skin types, ethnicities, and all parts of the body. After treatment your hair will become softer, finer, and less dense and your skin will feel smooth and soft.


How the hair removal treatment works.

The number of treatments required can vary depending on a number of influencing factors. Depending on the hair’s density, 8-10 treatments could be recommended. Most areas can be treated – including face and body.

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Treatment times are surprisingly short with the new models today, so small areas can be treated within 10 minutes or larger areas within 40 minutes​.

A cooling system will be used throughout the treatment to cool the skin and relieve discomfort. It is typically described as an elastic band.

The initial outlay of the course may seem expensive but is actually better value for money when compared to ongoing costs of traditional methods such as shaving and waxing.

Relevant Conditions

  • Excess Hair

    Excess hair refers to unwanted facial or body hair. We all have hair on our bodies and face, however some people have more than others. Excess hair can be psychologically distressing and impact on your daily life.

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