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Facial Fillers

Ready to transform your skin?

Feeling great brings us all the confidence we deserve. And now at Ascens:on we can help you go even further in your journey to self-confidence and the best version of you. We recommend our facial fillers if you’re looking to improve the quality of your skin, hydrate, pump and brighten, as well as contouring your chin and jawline, adding facial definition, or simply maintaining your natural look and feel. It can also be used to combat effects of frequent shaving on your skin, a tired look around your eyes or environmental effects such as pollution, sun exposure and stress.


Using only the best, top of the range equipment.


What are the facial fillers?

Made with a synthetic hyaluronic acid, JuvédermÒ VOLFIT3 and VOLUMA4 are injectable treatments that bind the water under skin and increases the hydration. This in turn improves your skin’s smoothness, texture and elasticity. We have the tools to hydrate, smooth, fill, volumize and sculpt.

The treatments also contains lidocaine and anaesthetic which helps reduce discomfort.

How does the facial fillers treatment work?

During your consultation, the best treatment and aftercare plan will be determined with one of the clinic practitioners. We may book you in for different quantities of Juvéderm, in multiple sessions throughout the same day. The right quantities will be set and recorded on your treatment plan. 

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You may experience some redness, slight swelling, and tenderness for a few days after the injection. Other side effects are uncommon.

The Juvéderm treatment can between to 9 to 24 months, with just one treatment.

We may book you in for different quantities of Juvéderm, in multiple sessions throughout the same day. The right quantities and when the treatments will occur will be set out and recorded on your treatment plan.

Relevant Conditions

  • Excess Hair

    Excess hair refers to unwanted facial or body hair. We all have hair on our bodies and face, however some people have more than others. Excess hair can be psychologically distressing and impact on your daily life.

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Lip Filler 1.0ml £450
Lip Filler 2.0ml £800

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