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What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal treatment, using a very fine single probe to deliver the chemical or heat energy into the root hair growth centre. After the chemical or heat energy has been delivered the hair is removed with tweezers. This would be the treatment you need if you have white, grey, red or blonde hairs, as laser hair removal doesn’t treat hair without pigment as it cannot detect the hair.

Electrolysis is FDA approved for permanent hair removal. you would need to have at least 8-12 treatments depending on the hair. Most areas can be treated, including body and face.

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Depending on the hair density and thickness, electrolysis cannot permanently remove in one session. you will need to repeat for the deeper hairs. Recommended 8-12 treatments for the areas desired result.

No, electrolysis is the only known permanent hair removal. However, electrolysis is only ever able to be done with an individual hair at one time. So for larger areas it will be quite an extensive number of treatments. Laser hair removal is the most appropriate for larger areas as it targets multiple hairs in one area. It is permanent hair reduction. Meaning hormonal changes can encourage a new hair to form years after.

Hair removal techniques are never really painless. Individuals respond differently to pain due to their own body's pain threshold. If an individual finds the warm too painful, there are topical numbing agents to aid this for optimal comfort.

Depending on the area, face treatments can be done in intervals of 30 minutes session and can achieve most of the desired result, however it needs to be repeated for the optimal result.

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Incredible results!

I have now completed my course of laser hair removal with my practitioner Natasha. Throughout the entire course I was made to feel at ease and comfortable. Natasha has a warm and friendly approach yet professional. My hair results are incredible and never thought it would be this good. I don't have to shave anymore and the confidence I have gained! I highly recommend it.

Aadil, Southampton
Outstanding service!

I came in for laser hair removal. I was quite nervous but the practitioner was really reassuring, friendly and professional that I hardly felt a thing! Will definitely be back, and the treatment has been so effective and long lasting I'm really happy with the results

Laura, Southampton
Acne Peel

After my initial consultation, I prepped my skin and had the acne peel.  I was nervous, but Tasha talked me through every step, which really helped me feel reassured and calm.  The result is amazing, and whilst my skin has really struggled with acne over the last couple of years, I can feel and see the difference.  The Dermaquest products recommended really work.  Thank you!

Niamh, Dorset

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Relevant Conditions

Excess Hair

Excess hair refers to unwanted facial or body hair. We all have hair on our bodies and face, however some people have more than others. Excess hair can be psychologically distressing and impact on your daily life.

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