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Anti-Aging Injectables

Do you have deep lines and wrinkles?

If you’re ready to wave the signs of aging away and are fed up with your wrinkles, then our anti-aging treatment is the perfect solution. Targeting moderate to severe lines between the eyebrows at maximum frown and elevation and canthal lines that show at maximum smile, this treatment can help solve those aging worries.


Using only the best, top of the range equipment.

What are the Anti-Aging Injections and how does the treatment work?

Dynamic wrinkles, or facial lines, are caused by muscle activity. We use BOTOXÒ Botulinum Type A to temporarily block the nerve impulses that are directed towards the muscles. The injection works to relax and soften the appearance of the glabella, frown lines, crow’s feet or forehead lines.

How does the Anti-Aging Injectable treatment work?

The treatment usually takes around 15 minutes and you’ll be encouraged by your aesthetics practitioner to pull some facial expressions. This is help them understand your individual facial muscles. During the procedure they will disinfect the skin, mark the injection sites and then finally inject.

During your consultation, the best treatment and aftercare plan will be determined with one of the clinic practitioners.

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As with every medicine, some patients may experience some side effects. Some don’t experience any! The side effects are temporary, with the most common being headaches, eyelid drooping, skin redness, local muscle weakness and facial pain. For further information please review your treatment record.

One treatment can last up to 4 months after the injection. We recommend a gap of at least 3 months between treatments.

The results from the treatment can be seen within a week, but the maximum effect may take up to 4 weeks to develop.

Relevant Conditions

  • Chronological-Aging

    Chronological aging is the natural aging process. The natural depletion of collagen causes the skin to become lax, wrinkles to form, and cause contours to drop and skin thinning.

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Single session of treatment
Price per session
Anti-ageing Injectables Face/Armpit - One Area £195
Anti-ageing Injectables Face/Armpit - Two Areas £350
Anti-ageing Injectables Face/Armpit - Three Areas £460

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