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What is Milia?

Milia (the plural of ‘Milium’) are small yellow or white cysts, bumps or spots located on or under the skin. They are usually found around the eyes, nose and cheeks, however they can form anywhere on the face or body. It is common to have millia form in clusters, with several in one area.

Unlike a spot or pimple, Milia feels hard under the skin, if squeezed will not leave the skin. With Milia, there is no inflammation or redness around them which you would typically find with acne related spots and whiteheads. Milia is not contagious, so cannot be passed on. Milia isn’t harmful , however it can be unsightly and affect your confidence especially if they are in a visible area such as your face.

Milia can sometimes take a long time to break down naturally, however there is minor professional treatment you can have to remove them effectively.


There is no known link between milia and its condition. It’s not thought to be hereditary

Removing Milia yourself is not recommended. To avoid infection, the treatment should be carried out in the clinical environment with sterile equipment. Trying to pick, squeeze or remove yourself can cause the area to become inflamed or infected.

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