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Acne Scarring

Acne scarring occurs when deep trauma is inflicted on the skin during acne lesions. Picking or removing will cause damage to the tissue underneath. Your body produces collagen to heal the areas affected,however there is a higher chance of post-inflammatory pigmentation and pitted scars. There is a risk of overproduction of collagen, resulting in raised scars. Without appropriate sun protection during the skin healing process, the skin will become damaged and the melanocytes will overproduce to protect the area, resulting in dark circles or patches forming (Post-inflammatory pigmentation) this is commonly associated with acne sufferers.

The most common scarring after acne would be hypertrophic (wide, thickened and raised), boxcar (indent under top layer of skin, round in shape) and ice pick(small sharp indent, wider at surface and narrow at base). Depending on the grade of acne.Usually found with people who pick their skin, extract or gouge the skin causing damage to the precious skin underneath causing abnormalities.

Acne scarring can also be as detrimental to your mental health as acne itself. Due to leaving raised pitted skin and pigmentation where the acne used to be present.


Acne scars can be reduced and faded using the correct tailored treatments. The best treatment for this would be dermapen and TCA peel for the collagen and remodelling process.

For deep acne scars, the recommended treatment course will consist of a minimum of 5 treatments with 4-6 weekly intervals between each treatment.

Dermapen Microneedling

Dermapen is a treatment tailored for scarring, aging and general health of the skin.


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